Goodbye Summer, Goodbye Green…

30/10/2008 § Leave a comment

Hello Autumn, Hello Yellow, Red, Orange and Brown!

I looked outside the picture window (last week) to discover this busy little tree throwing its leaves up for a crisp breeze to blow them away. (it had actually been doing this for awhile but i am just now documenting it as i was in grave denial and have now decided to embrace the changing weather) It was once so very green. It’s lush, leaf-filled branches concealed birds and bugs. Now, that is but a happy memory. *sigh*

Time to break out the long sleeves, heavy denim, leg warmers and hand warmers and ear warmers and big, thick socks! This year will be a very special year for those sorts of things. this year, I will be knitting them! Hats and scarves all around, have a pair of mittens on me! Warm cozy, knit things for everyone! This is going to be an easier transition into the cooler weather than I thought.

Just Keep Going…

15/10/2008 § 2 Comments

Now that the Ravelympics are over and some sense of normalcy(is there really such a paradise?) has come back to my brain and household, I will be taking more time to post. I’m hoping it will be much more regular as there is so much to write about! New fibres to gander at, new projects on the needles, new pictures, recipes and adventures just waiting to be shared. Now if I could just organize them and get them all into this frame…

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