Multitude Monday

26/01/2010 § 5 Comments

holy experience

*Deep, contented sigh, coupled with a wide, hearty grin*

I think I may actually be glad it’s Monday. For real. No really.

Do you want to know why?
Well, because I now realize I have something to look forward to.

Do you want to know what it is?
Well, it’s the day for counting my blessings.

I finally realized I could, and should, spend time dwelling on all the wonderful things I have been blessed with in my life.
(Thank you Ann Voskamp)

There’s even a hymn that I now hum to encourage me along entitled, none other than, “Count Your Blessings”. Part of the chorus plays over and over in my head and I bob my head to each word:

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
Count your blessings, see what God hath done!
Count your blessings, name them one by one,
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.

(Listen here)

Let’s continue counting, shall we?
11. A house to clean.
12. A house that IS clean.
13. A husband and daughter that helped me clean.
14. A friend who is encouraging me and making it fun to clean.
15. Homemade experimental soup that turned out well.
16. Homemade banana chocolate chip bread that turned out so well it’s almost gone.
17. Homemade apple crisp that barely lasted 2 days.
18. A pretty apron to wear while I make homemade things.
19. A family that appreciates and eats what I make for them.
20. Full bellies and a still full freezer.

Now you know why, I started out by sharing with you, about my deep, contented *sigh*.



Junk Out 2010!

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I have reclaimed my kitchenette. There is peace throughout the land. All has been set to right. Amen

Shortly after the incident in my last post occurred I got down to business with my decluttering. It was time. I found the determination and got busy. I didn’t stop until it was completely done. I was a mama on a mission.

And it was good.
And it felt good.
And it looks good.
And it STILL feels good.
And it STILL looks good.
And good, is just. plain. good.

My ‘trash’ became another man’s ‘treasure’. You’ll notice one of the pictures seems kind of random and out of place (shock, right?). You guessed it, the picture of the shoes. They’re not just any shoes. They are my favorite shoes. Well, they were.

From left to right I’d like you to meet: my army issue combat boots (insert jokes here), my Doc Martens work boots, my Doc Martens green boots and my Doc Martens sandals. I LIVED in these shoes from ages 18 to almost 30. I spent a pretty penny on those shoes. Now, I get to give them away and bless someone else with them and that, to me, is priceless.

What are you doing this year to get your ‘Junk Out’? What ‘trash’ of yours could become someone else’s ‘treasure’?


Yes, I Hear You Lord

22/01/2010 § 4 Comments

The other day I wasn’t exactly responding in a patient and loving way. It was actually the extreme polar opposite. *sigh*

My anger has a mind of it’s own at times and I am so grateful to the Lord that when it decides to decide for itself to not be subject to self-control that those incidences are spaced out much further apart than ever before in my life, however, they still occur. (Not an easy habit to change when you’re a master.) *sigh*

So I was upset, I slammed something, I yelled…rather loudly… *sigh*

THIS TIME, I stood in the (messy, grrrrrr) kitchen, alone, breathing deeply, pacing, praying under my breath, trying to collect myself so things didn’t continue to escalate, breathing deeply again, holding back tears, another prayer falling from my lips…then I saw it (on the dirty, cluttered baker’s rack, grrrrrr).

Do you see it? By the blender? Let’s get closer…

There it is. The not-taken-care-of fortune cookie paper from a few weeks ago when we last had Chinese sitting inches from the garbage can it was supposed to be introduced to. Can you read what it says? No? Here, let’s get even closer cause this is good…

Oh man.

Yes, I hear You Lord.
I’m a success all right, but not the kind that is honoring to You. 
You are far, far too good to me. 

“Love? Please come here and sit on the couch by me so we can talk.”
“I’m so sorry, will you please forgive me?”
“Let’s work together with the Lord and make this house a home.”
“I’ll teach you as the Lord teaches me and we will bring honor to the Lord and He will be glorified.”
“I love you too my sweetie and I’m so grateful the Lord gave you to me. Now let’s clean something!”

I don’t know if it was all just a ‘coincidence’. We always read those things, laugh at their absurdity and throw them away. Our trust and hope is in the Lord, not the things of man or silly made-up ‘fortunes’.

Even so, I am choosing to use this situation in my life to be strengthened and encouraged to continue on in my journey. After all, it wouldn’t exactly be the first time the Lord used something ‘foolish’ or ‘inferior’ to get something through one of His kids’ thick heads now would it?


The Mitten Situation

18/01/2010 § 3 Comments

I have really been liking cables. I have really been liking mittens. It was only a matter of time that I cast on for a pair of Evangeline’s. The original pattern is for fingerless gloves and they are great, but I really wanted another pair of mittens. I DO live in Minnesota ya know. While these won’t be terribly warm, they WILL be terribly cute and that counts just as much.

Because of the wide spectrum of temperatures that range from ‘it’s kinda chilly’ to ‘my nostrils just froze closed’, there’s a need for a spectrum of mittens to cover all your hand warming needs. Seriously. Just ask around. I have something mid-range for now so there’s a need to fill on the ‘cooler’ end of the spectrum. I will also need a pair of ‘nice and toasty’ mittens too, but seeing as though I’m writing that pattern myself, it’ll take a bit longer seeing as though I’m a newbie and all and seeing as though I only have so many hours in a day. You know?

My yarn of choice is Spud & Chloe Sweater and is so very wonderful and so very soft and so very versatile and so very WASHABLE. Yes, washable! I do believe I have found a new favorite all-purpose yarn. Even the colors are practically edible. This color is Watermelon. Um, YuM.

So far, I have finished the first one, complete with a true thumb gusset (love) and I will be casting on the second after I finish a top secret test pattern for BSA. Work before pleasure and all that, although, working for BSA is quite pleasurable I must say!

What’s your mitten situation? Do you even need them where you live? Share a fave pattern?
~traci 😀

Multitude Monday

18/01/2010 § 3 Comments

holy experience
1. Having a loving Savior.
2. Having a loving husband.
3. Having a loving daughter.
4. Waking up and being able to immerse myself in His sweet Words of Life.
5. Waking up to my husband trying to gently kiss my cheek so as not to wake me before he leaves for work.
6. Waking up to my daughter’s open arms that want to embrace me.
7. Being able to be the manager of my home.
7. Being able to stay home to teach and train my child.
8. Having a husband who diligently works to provide for us.
9. Having my ultimate provisions come from the Lord.
10. Starting a new adventure toward living a life of deep and sincere gratitude.

Feel free to follow the link to start your own journey toward deeper gratefulness.


What’s With The Title?

14/01/2010 § 2 Comments

(I took this standing outside in the freezing cold last year. It was well worth it!) 

After a long and arduous brainstorming session with my great friend we FINALLY came up with the title, “I’ll Take Tea”. There are several reasons, the most obvious one being that I really don’t care for coffee. Oh how I have tried! (There are witnesses) I completely agree with the adage, “If coffee tasted as good as it smelled, I’d be addicted.” Well spoken.
I have gone to great lengths to enjoy coffee. I used to have a plethora of creamer bottles tucked away in my refrigerator for when I had a cup, so I could dress it up in hopes it would magically taste better. That is, until I discovered it tasted better when I added it to my milk.
For the longest time I even owned a coffee pot. A nice one too. It was a necessary appliance in the average American home, right? That is, until I finally accepted it for the glorified dust magnet it  really was, gave it away and never looked back. Ahhhhhhhhh.
Then I got married…to a coffee drinker. (I wonder why hey never went over “How to marry a coffee drinker” in pre-marital counseling?) So, needless to say, when I got married, I got a husband who came with his own coffee pot. *Sigh*
Ground rules needed to be immediately applied and thus started the oft heard, “You make it, you clean it”. That is, until I decided to be a sweet, loving, cleaning kind of wife. Now, I am very happy and will clean the pot just for him. That has also given way to him making a ‘little extra’ coffee, just in case I may want some. Sometimes, I do.
Having my husband accept me as a tea drinker made it a lot easier for me to accept him as a coffee drinker, and in turn other coffee drinkers, and we are living quite happily with that arrangement and it makes me want to take care of him and his things. I’ve not ‘arrived’, but I’d say that came just about full circle wouldn’t you?
Now, you may be wondering where the “Tea” part comes in. Well, that’s easy…
If you don’t drink coffee, what DO you drink? Tea.
If you don’t have a coffee pot, what DO you have? A tea pot.
If you don’t like to fiddle with grinding coffee beans, what DO you fiddle with? Tea leaves.
If you don’t mind hot flavored water but don’t want it to taste like coffee, what DO you drink that’s hot? Tea.
If you don’t like the thought of investing in a multitude of breath fresheners because you get bad breath from drinking coffee, what DO you drink? Tea.
If you don’t like how long it takes to spell the word coffee but still like spelling, what DO you spell? Tea.
See? I could go on and on and on and on.
Now, the more cerebral answer is as follows*:
I live my life as a Christian, outside the ‘norm’ and ‘the usual’, on a more pensive, slower and deliberate time table. I’m not a career driven, power suit wearing, gym membership carrying, hair salon frequenting kind of person. Been there, done that. My career is managing my home, wearing nice, domestic attire (I do love my aprons) and enjoying the home the Lord has given me. I like things less complicated too. Peaceful, purposeful, fruitful living. That’s the life for me!
So where are you in the spectrum? Where does the Lord have you on this path of life? Do you drink coffee? Tea? Both? or Neither? Be sure to vote in the poll on my sidebar!
*Mini Disclaimer: The examples I use are about coffee and the societal perception of it and not about people who drink it per se. I am married to a coffee drinker and adore him. My best friends are coffee drinkers and I adore them. These contrasts are for deep and humorous illustration purposes only. No coffee beans or drinkers of coffee were harmed or emotionally scarred while writing the content of this post. Thank you.

I’ve Decided

13/01/2010 § Leave a comment

Ok, so I have been thinking long and hard and have talked with my husband and have decided to keep this my knitting/sewing blog and I will start a whole new blog that is ‘everything else’. I really like ‘theblondeknitter’ but feel the scope is more narrow, BUT I also think now that I have a better perspective on things I can continue posting here AND at I’ll Take Tea, my new blog. I am in the process of creating, rearranging and updating both of them.  I will start to have more content very, very soon and a post on THIS blog later today!

Thanks for your patience!
~traci  😀

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