For The Beloved

02/04/2010 § 1 Comment

Continued from last week…   


That man, Jesus, His last words were these:
“It is finished”, and He was gone.

The most powerful three word phrase in human history was uttered that very terrible moment. It has lingered on the winds of time and still speaks to us today. Can you hear it?

And then…

Silence. For three entire, arduous and painful days. Nothing.

Then, all of a sudden…

A mighty earthquake and an angel of the Lord appeared! The intensely heavy stone sealing the entrance was rolled away! The brutish Roman soldiers guarding the tomb entrance were dead! The sepulchre was miraculously empty save for the burial cloths and prayer shawl neatly folded to signify this:

I am nearby and I HAVE RISEN FROM THE GRAVE! Death has not conquered ME, but I have conquered death! Sin has no more hold for I have broken its curse! I have completed the earthly task my Father has sent me to do and through Me, all who believe and call upon the name of the Lord, shall be SAVED from the penalties of sin and death!

Christ the Lord has risen today! Hallelujah! He’s ALIVE!!

It never fails. Again, even now.  As I write these words, I am reduced to a mess of tears and heartache. As each one falls silently down my cheek, each one represents so many things.

The first ones shed are from guilt, shame, awareness of my depraved state, keen awareness I am an unworthy sinner. I am alone, separated, condemned. The next wave is born out of repentance, admitting I am wrong and fully deserving of any punishment I have incurred, no less than the wrath of God Himself, the very One I have sinned against. The saltiness stings my lips between sobs. I try to breathe.

A bit calmer now, the flow begins to relent. A sweet peace and joy unexplainable begin to flow from my heart. I sniffle and realize I ‘feel’ lighter, as if a weighty burden has been lifted from my weary shoulders. Comfort finds me in the forgiveness of my Savior. There is nothing like knowing you have been reconciled to your Father. I am at peace with God Himself.
He has stayed His wrath.

O happy day! When Jesus washed, He washed my sins away!!

Praying fervently and earnestly hoping you will find Him today,

~a blind, wretched sinner, forgiven and restored, by the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, Y’shua HaMashiach.

§ One Response to For The Beloved

  • Alison says:

    Oh, Happy Day, indeed!! When Jesus washed my sins away…and thenm Up, From the Grave, He Arose!Love, so amazing, so divine…Powerful.

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