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12/04/2010 § 2 Comments

 (male and female house finches:Carpodacus mexicanus)

Mondays are the day that starts the week and it’s also the day I join with other writers in expressing things we are grateful for. It was mostly due to the inspirational writings of this community’s originator that I knew I needed to make this a part of my life’s journey. So deep. So simple. So moving.

Another part of my decision was based on the premise of the community itself: Gratitude. Gratefulness. Counting our blessings. Focusing on the outer and not the inner. Yep, that’s where I need to look. That’s where I need to share. That’s where I need to reflect. And so I begin…

41. a home
42. two cars
43. shoes
44. clothes to spare
45. health
46. safety
47. jobs
48. food to prepare
49. family and
50. friends to share

While I know I have an abundance to be thankful for, it isn’t always easy to finish my list. I have determined to not let that deter me. If I want to break the old habit of being self-centered and continually introspective, I need to make a new habit of reaching out and looking outside myself. This isn’t going to be easy. I’ve already struggled. That doesn’t matter. It’s worth it.

Won’t you consider joining me on this journey of counting your blessings? You don’t need a blog, grab a notebook, start a journal. It may just change your life, for the better. Isn’t ‘better’ what we all want?


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