14/04/2010 § 3 Comments

Well, I found the ONE way to break my blog. I’m thinking this would be the ideal time to make a move to Word Press. While I can live w/out comments (it’s not why I blog), I really do like the interaction with people (it’s a definite perk to blogging). I have met some sweet, sweet and funny funny people. (check out my blog links and Twitter peeps, seriously awesome folks!)

I will be trying to keep up regular posts while contemplating and making the official move. If you would like to leave a comment, please feel free to join my FB fan page (down a wee bit on the right sidebar) and leave a comment there. It would make me smile and give me warm fuzzies. I like smiling and warm fuzzies.

Thank you for hangin’ in there with me. Oh, and I would also embrace any feedback, support, hand holding, tech savvy tips and the like. Stuff like this makes me, and those in close proximity to me, nervous. Ask my husband and  friends, they’ll tell you why. (hee hee)

Oddly enough this is a bit exciting, lest you think I’m all heart broken. Nah. I do love a good challenge/dare. It’s a spice to my life. Spicy is good!

Love and hugs,


§ 3 Responses to *Sigh*

  • Rachel says:

    Now why is everyone MOVING? Is there something on blogger I'm missin'…or did I just miss the boat again????:)Best wishes in your move…braver woman than me. I get the willies when I think of losing info and good graphics…LOL!

  • It's so nice to meet a fellow "Traci" spelled like my name! Woo hoo!Thanks for being a fan and following!Traci

  • Alison says:

    Looks like your blogger comments are back up and running… Unless I'm dreaming this. It could happen.

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