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Well, I found the ONE way to break my blog. I’m thinking this would be the ideal time to make a move to Word Press. While I can live w/out comments (it’s not why I blog), I really do like the interaction with people (it’s a definite perk to blogging). I have met some sweet, sweet and funny funny people. (check out my blog links and Twitter peeps, seriously awesome folks!)

I will be trying to keep up regular posts while contemplating and making the official move. If you would like to leave a comment, please feel free to join my FB fan page (down a wee bit on the right sidebar) and leave a comment there. It would make me smile and give me warm fuzzies. I like smiling and warm fuzzies.

Thank you for hangin’ in there with me. Oh, and I would also embrace any feedback, support, hand holding, tech savvy tips and the like. Stuff like this makes me, and those in close proximity to me, nervous. Ask my husband and  friends, they’ll tell you why. (hee hee)

Oddly enough this is a bit exciting, lest you think I’m all heart broken. Nah. I do love a good challenge/dare. It’s a spice to my life. Spicy is good!

Love and hugs,


What’s With The Title?

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(I took this standing outside in the freezing cold last year. It was well worth it!) 

After a long and arduous brainstorming session with my great friend we FINALLY came up with the title, “I’ll Take Tea”. There are several reasons, the most obvious one being that I really don’t care for coffee. Oh how I have tried! (There are witnesses) I completely agree with the adage, “If coffee tasted as good as it smelled, I’d be addicted.” Well spoken.
I have gone to great lengths to enjoy coffee. I used to have a plethora of creamer bottles tucked away in my refrigerator for when I had a cup, so I could dress it up in hopes it would magically taste better. That is, until I discovered it tasted better when I added it to my milk.
For the longest time I even owned a coffee pot. A nice one too. It was a necessary appliance in the average American home, right? That is, until I finally accepted it for the glorified dust magnet it  really was, gave it away and never looked back. Ahhhhhhhhh.
Then I got married…to a coffee drinker. (I wonder why hey never went over “How to marry a coffee drinker” in pre-marital counseling?) So, needless to say, when I got married, I got a husband who came with his own coffee pot. *Sigh*
Ground rules needed to be immediately applied and thus started the oft heard, “You make it, you clean it”. That is, until I decided to be a sweet, loving, cleaning kind of wife. Now, I am very happy and will clean the pot just for him. That has also given way to him making a ‘little extra’ coffee, just in case I may want some. Sometimes, I do.
Having my husband accept me as a tea drinker made it a lot easier for me to accept him as a coffee drinker, and in turn other coffee drinkers, and we are living quite happily with that arrangement and it makes me want to take care of him and his things. I’ve not ‘arrived’, but I’d say that came just about full circle wouldn’t you?
Now, you may be wondering where the “Tea” part comes in. Well, that’s easy…
If you don’t drink coffee, what DO you drink? Tea.
If you don’t have a coffee pot, what DO you have? A tea pot.
If you don’t like to fiddle with grinding coffee beans, what DO you fiddle with? Tea leaves.
If you don’t mind hot flavored water but don’t want it to taste like coffee, what DO you drink that’s hot? Tea.
If you don’t like the thought of investing in a multitude of breath fresheners because you get bad breath from drinking coffee, what DO you drink? Tea.
If you don’t like how long it takes to spell the word coffee but still like spelling, what DO you spell? Tea.
See? I could go on and on and on and on.
Now, the more cerebral answer is as follows*:
I live my life as a Christian, outside the ‘norm’ and ‘the usual’, on a more pensive, slower and deliberate time table. I’m not a career driven, power suit wearing, gym membership carrying, hair salon frequenting kind of person. Been there, done that. My career is managing my home, wearing nice, domestic attire (I do love my aprons) and enjoying the home the Lord has given me. I like things less complicated too. Peaceful, purposeful, fruitful living. That’s the life for me!
So where are you in the spectrum? Where does the Lord have you on this path of life? Do you drink coffee? Tea? Both? or Neither? Be sure to vote in the poll on my sidebar!
*Mini Disclaimer: The examples I use are about coffee and the societal perception of it and not about people who drink it per se. I am married to a coffee drinker and adore him. My best friends are coffee drinkers and I adore them. These contrasts are for deep and humorous illustration purposes only. No coffee beans or drinkers of coffee were harmed or emotionally scarred while writing the content of this post. Thank you.

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