Total Lunar Eclipse Saturday!

28/02/2007 § 5 Comments

So, I was glancing through the HSB home page and found the link to an article entitled "Total Eclipse of the Moon". At first I thought this could be a clever little double entendre for something happening with the public school system-I wouldn’t be surprised these days. But, being a star gazer myself, I thought I’d check it out.

Sure enough they have a link to this blog: ClassicalAstronomy which has info about a true full lunar eclipse happening this very Saturday! Since you’re there, check out the other goodies this blog has to offer and support a fellow blogger!

Have fun this weekend celebrating the Creator of the Stars by watching the eclipse! Come back and tell us what you and your family observed!


traci  🙂


*Update* on *FREE* offer from Tapestry of Grace!

02/02/2007 § 2 Comments

So, you’ve heard about Tapestry of Grace’s wonderful offer of a *FREE* 3 Unit Study entitled "Go To Egypt". But have you heard the newest news?

The newest news is that Tapestry of Grace has had such a tremendous response from people calling in and who don’t have high speed internet who want the special offer but can’t get it as readily. So in order to accomodate these families they are also offering to send their *FREE* 3 Unit Study on a special disk…for *FREE*! Yes, you can also order your *FREE* unit study on disk and they will mail it to you so you can start enjoying all of the wonderful information they have stored for your family in their "Go To Egypt" study.

There’s a new link on my sidebar to make it easy and convenient for you to get this great deal. Click the link for your *FREE* 3 Unit Study on disk and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic journey through the ancient lands of the Egyptians! "Go To Egypt" today!

*FREE* 3 Unit Study From Tapestry of Grace!

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…and now a word from one of our affiliates…

Have you heard the news? The people that brought you the award winning, classical education based, integrated unit study Tapestry of Grace, have unveiled their new and improved Year One: The History of Redemption and are offering a *FREE* 3 week sample entitled ‘Go To Egypt’!

Use this unit study to:

 "Get a pyramid-sized view of how this Christian, classical curriculum employs a unit study approach, coupled with integration and flexiblity, to teach almost every subject to every child in any home." -Tapestry of Grace

Our family has used Tapestry of Grace for over a year now and we love it! There is so much in this small package to keep you learning and educating for a long time! It is full of great resources, maps, books, outlines for teaching and easy-to-read lessons and instructions to get you started and to keep you on track.

I am an affiliate for Lampstand Press/Tapestry of Grace so please feel free to get your ‘Go To Egypt’ right here on my blog. Just find the links on my sidebar and click! The top link brings you to the TOG website, the picture button brings you to a special ordering page to ensure I get the proper credit for your purchases and the bottom link takes you straight to ‘Egypt’!   

So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun of world travelling from the comfort of your own home. Click on the links and discover the wonderful world of Tapestry of Grace today!

I know it's cold out and wintery, but…

28/12/2006 § 7 Comments

I received this email from Cold Stone Creamery and thought it a waste to not share! I really like ice cream…a lot, as a matter of fact…and their ice cream is very good! You can create your own combinations as they prepare it right before your eyes. Including the flavor of ice cream! We signed Asa up for the Birthday Club and he received a coupon for a free Love it sized(medium) treat! We went with and got $1 off of ours and we spent less than $5 to have gourmet ice cream! Now THAT’S  a deal!


traci 🙂

Fun Quiz Anyone?

07/07/2006 § 12 Comments

I was visiting Myklin's Blog and she had this fun quiz.

Are you more Dixie or Yankee?

It was fun to see the questions, based on language usage, reveal

where you're probably from or grew up. Kind of (H)enry (H)iggins-ish

from 'My Fair Lady'.       (love it!)


My results: 36% (Yankee). A definitive Yankee. The closer to 0% you

are the more Yankee you must be and the closer to 100% the more

Dixie you must be.

I figured it's because I have such a well educated and well travelled

life that I couldn't possibly be a pure-bred.      (he he he 😉


This is from Sandie's Blog:

What type of homeschooler are you? Take the Quiz!


My results:                                    


Mr. Potato Head.                                                                           

You have your ideal of how things should look, but you're flexible

enough to allow for change. You are not bothered by changing 

methods, mid-course if necessary. You use an eclectic combination

of curriculum sources.


I REALLY wanted to be a Galileo or Abraham Lincoln homeschooler,

so I went back and tried to honestly change my answers. I STILL was a

potato head! Oh well. Someone needs to have fun!


This was on Linda's Blog: Which Jane Austen heroine are you most like?

Click here to find out!


My results:                

I am most like Marianne Dashwood.

You're Marianne Dashwood of Sense & Sensibility! More dramatic and emotional than your sister Elinor, you have no trouble saying what you think

and showing people how you feel about them. However, you usually know

when to keep your mouth shut.




I asked Asa who he thought I would most be like and he said jokingly, “Uh, gee, I don't know Mairanne Dashwood?” We laughed. If you've seen the movie, you pretty much have met me. I do try to be a little more grounded and sensible than Marianne. I try. It's just so hard to bridle pure passion!     (he he)


Hope you have fun with this. I think I now have a new little fun thing to do every now and then!



Traci 🙂

Are You Worthy?

03/07/2006 § 3 Comments

Of the privilege of citizenship you have to this great country of ours?


                Take the Citizenship Test and find out!


Don't worry, a low score isn't going to get you kicked out of the country! But this was a fun idea posted by cre8ivemom in honor of our upcoming Independence Day. It's from the actual pool of questions asked by the INS to prospective initiates for citizenship to the USA. I did pretty good actually. I passed! (whew!) It would appear this whole homeschooling thing IS working!



Traci 🙂



P.S.A great big THANK YOU to everyone for such sweet birthday wishes! HSBlogger friends are the best!

*Free*–New Art Book Drawing!

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Hey everyone! If you get a chance to stop by Cindy's Blog she has a post that explains her new drawing for a FREE copy of Art Auction Mystery! It's a fabulous book that you can win by signing up for her e-newsletter Homeschool Reviews For You on her website. It was sooooo easy to subscribe. I think it took a whole 3 seconds to process! There's a link on my sidebar for her site as well under the 'Keepers of Heart and Home' and 'Frugal Merchant Wares' headings. This is a great site that I frequent for a lot of stuff. From books, to reviews to articles and encouragement…it's plumb full of goodies. So, set aside some time to go check it out and try to hold yourself back, you'll want to buy EVERYTHING!!


REMEMBER: The drawing is only for subscribers so make sure to sign up today!



Traci 🙂

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