This Made Me Smile…

07/03/2007 § 3 Comments


I peeled this off of the banana I was about to eat…


traci  🙂


Here's something…

19/05/2006 § 4 Comments

Here are a few links to some articles I’ve come across lately. Some are from emails Asa has sent me. From funny to a little more serious, everyone should be able to find something to peruse. Read to the end for an hilarious pic. Enjoy!


The Da Vinci Code-Washington Post review

My DH’s comments were:

"For sure, read paragraph 1.  No wonder the movie’s been so hyped (and the production company encouraged prominent Christians to write rebuttals on the official website)the movie stinks, and the controversy is the only way to get people to watch!"


13 yr-old ready for college-Minneapolis Star Tribune


Problem with Public School


Bird Flu Hits FL-This is on Jessica’s Blog-thanks Jessica!



And last but not least, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:



Illegal Immigration Threat Pic:



Aye Carumba Amigos! What will we ever do without BURRITOS!?


Hope I made you laugh a little!



Traci 🙂


What do you mean it's MARCH?!

06/03/2006 § 1 Comment

Uh, I just woke up to little birds chirping out my window. Is this for real? Wow, spring is on it’s way and there’s no stopping it! YES!!!! Let there be sun shining, birds singing, puddles mudding and the like! (I REALLY like the sunshine part!)

I hope you are looking forward to this new year as it starts to thaw into exsistance!

Thank You Lord for making all things new!! 

OOHHHHHH! Right, save first THEN enter!

16/02/2006 § 2 Comments


Ok, so, I had this clever ‘introducing:my first blog’ type paragraph-plumb full of snappy quick-wit and cuteness and everything. I didn’t realize I had to SAVE it before going on and pushed the WRONG button and lost it! Oh the devastation! My world wide web debut thwarted but my lack of techno savvy. Oh bother! It just can’t be reproduced. Well, I guess I can come up with something later. You’ll just have to tune in next time to see where our young hero ends up. Bon Soir ma Roi, Bon Soir ma beau cher, Bon Soir ma belle fille, Bon Soir le Monde… tc 🙂

Is this thing on?

16/02/2006 § 1 Comment


I shall attempt to master this thing later… Can anyone tell me how to work this thing? How is that possible, I never typed that! Stop, that’s not the right date/time. Oh bother! I’ll be back…

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